The Body Speaks

Workshop series focusing on connecting to your own Body Consciousness, identifying the concept of Structural Alignment and its importance to fix your Body’s Posture according to the force of Gravity. It is aimed to understand processes integrating all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of our human being system.


  • to be able to identify and define scientifically supported alternative therapy applications to pain affected areas (Rolfing®-based bodywork methods);
  • master Self Help Techniques for developing body-awareness for preventative health maintenance (achieving balanced Posture for long-term effect);
  • apply knowledge hands-on during interactive sessions, and later to self and others.

Single talk/workshop with demo sessions of certain bodywork technique

Length: 2 hours with at least 45–60 minutes interactive demo, depending on the group size.

The training provides theoretical knowledge, interactive learning to apply practical techniques and exercising the tools of bodywork method to manipulate the connective tissue (fascia).


Workshops can be tailored to suit Beginners or Advanced audience (preference will be given to Beginner students):

  • Level 1 (for beginners only, who have not had any experience with bodywork).
  • Level 2 (for those who wish to continue further in their journey as therapists).

Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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