Transformational and unique bodywork technique inspired on Rolfing™ foundation within a personalized developed framework that is designed to restore postural and wellbeing balance by aligning and integrating the body in gravity. The treatment series focus on all the physical and non-physical layers of the human body to ease strain patterns in the overall functional system. Working across physical, emotional, aesthetic, postural and the mental levels allows the patient to restore balance within the entire spectrum for a totally new quality of life.

In physics, a Wave is a vibration accompanied by a transfer of energy that travels through a medium (space or mass). The reality which we touch everyday allows us to catch the Water Waves in the oceans and seas where we holiday away, feel the joy of light Waves emitted by the Sun, prepare our food with kitchen microwaves. Space signals travel through distance with radar equipment, music tunes uplift us broadcasted with radio Waves, and sound Waves allow us all to communicate – digitally or as live voices.

Those who allow the movement of the spirit within their body and soul are usually more content with life, more inspiring, accepting change and ready to welcome what the future holds.

Merging the physics and the life force, also known as prana or chi, and taking his inspiration and charging his source from the Ocean and the Sun, Mario’s therapies evolved to become an exceptional and unique Holistic Healing modality, which integrates major deep-tissue bodywork techniques with profound knowledge of human anatomy and energy centers for complete Life and Body transformation. It naturally became The Healing Waves, traveling the globe and reaching more and more people ready to be moved to embrace profound changes within themselves.

The 5 ELEMENTS Therapy

We all are made of Elements, the manifested form of matter in this life. Connecting the essence of the body with the 5 elements opens the path to achieving the harmony, maintaining the balance and creating new body memory across physical and emotional levels.

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Cosmic Healing

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