Mario Cosmico in Oslo


25 September – 9 October 2017

Private Treatments

Mario Cosmico is back to Oslo after just few weeks, having a huge demand from his new and existing patients. His treatment style is life changing deep-tissue bodywork, full of energy and dedication to each patient’s physical and emotional history and deep respect for the individual body’s healing abilities. Being globally recognized as one of Top Healers having his unique customized method that he developed with the experience of combining The 5 Elements of Life activation within a human system and Body Awakening Energy techniques – this unique modality normalizes the internal energy flow, releases deep emotional blocks, increases the capacity of prana (life force energy in the human body) by intense breathing throughout the session, relieves any kind of physical muscular tension or joints pain, activates the work of all the chakras and awakens the vitality of the Life Force energy across the spinal cord. This kind of healing allows the patient to feel stronger inner confidence, self love and attributes to healthy longevity of the body’s natural system.


Since most of the patients who experienced the 5 elements therapy noticed a huge shift and benefits to their body after a few sessions (compared to just single one), this time Healing Waves is back with offers of 3 to 5 sessions as a package.

Special retreats also feature Mario Cosmico with his exceptional Cosmic Healing therapy, which is a profound and unique healing modality that allows every woman to release deepest blockages that are stuck in her body which induces sexual energy awakening for the body along with accessing the power of feminine energy source flow. These sessions help women to come back into their body experience by shifting the uncomfortable traumatic emotions of anger, shame, guilt towards fully being able to receive feelings of self love, connection and security.

Note: this type of healing is only available after completing a minimum of 3 double sessions from the 5 elements therapy).


The 5 ELEMENTS Therapy (Air, Earth, Water, Fire & Ether) & Cosmic Healing

Packages of 3 and 5 sessions

Transformational and unique bodywork technique designed by Mario Cosmico to connect the essence of the body with the 5 elements of nature, open capacity of breathing and restore postural balance by aligning the body to gravity. Signature treatments of Healing Waves open the path to achieving harmony in movement and quality of life, maintaining the flow of your masculine and feminine energy polarities and creating new body memory across physical, emotional and spiritual levels.